Orgone Wealth Attracting Money Magnet Abundance Pendant & Guide

If you are familiar with the book or dvd called The Secret then you will be aware of the following technique's: Cosmic Ordering, Law Of Attraction, Vizualisation or Manifestation are all very simular lost and forgotten ancient techniques.
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Weight: 0.01Kg
Height: 48 mm Width: 14 mm Length: 14 mm
Product Code: SlvPendMon
Tags: orgone wealth attracting money magnet abundance pendant guide

They give you the power to shape your own destiny, using this pendant and following my very simple, yet extremely powerful guide and Orgone Pendant. You will be able to obtain what was previously unobtainable in your previous mind set woth my Photon Orgone Pendant and guide. You will be able to place your first order as soon as you recieve the package. I will teach you how to make a meditation space to unlock the natural powers of the cosmos. This Pendant and Guide will change your life forever.

This cosmic ordering pendant has been designed to increase the vibrations to attract your desired like brings like, increases the ability for cosmic ordering and manifestation and has been made to enhance the power of your thoughts. The stones in the Orgone Matrix include: Aventurine, Green Calcite, and Jade enhance the thoughts of money. Sapphire brings the wisdom to use your new found success wisely. Citrine, Atlanasite, Smokey Quartz, Ametrine, and Malachite block the negative energies and bring only calm and clear thoughts to the order. While finally Fire Opal and Garnet bring the strength to do what needs to be done.

You will recieve an instruction guide of an easy to follow yet extremely succesfull technique in order to achieve all your goals.

The Photon Orgone Pendant will help with the following:

Attract wealth and happiness

Improve results of comic ordering

Increased success rate

Speed up the process

Remove blocks of Negaity

Improve general health

This Photon Orgone Pendant will also give you Life Sustaining protection from the following:
  • Radiation caused by wireless technology
  • Electro Magnetic Fields
  • Electricity leakages from Tv's, Microwaves etc
  • It will also neutralize chemtrails and toxins in our air
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